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The Pause Effect

What is the Pause Effect anyway?

We define it as:


1. The phenomenon whereby an individual is unwilling to leave a Pause location despite claiming to have other obligations

2. The instantaneous surge of joy and happiness that occurs when a person or animal steps through the threshold of a pause location

If you’ve been to either of our Pause locations, I’m almost certain you have already experienced the Pause Effect to some extent. Have you ever come in for one drink and ended up staying for a few hours? Have you ever canceled plans to continue chilling with your Pause Kavatender? Have you stayed out way too late or even been late to work at times? These are all prime examples of the Pause Effect in action!

We first noticed the Pause Effect with ourselves. Maybe we decided to stop in for one drink on our day off, foolishly declaring, “No work today!”. After watching the sun go down and realizing we were indeed still sitting at “work”, we realized this was absolutely a phenomenon and we wondered if we were the only ones this happened to. It’s not even that we were attending to business matters or getting pulled into random conversations… we simply enjoyed the space and didn’t want to leave. Imagine that! I mean really, what a concept! I don’t think you could get me to stay one SECOND longer than required at my last job… but that’s beside the point, now isn’t it?

Over time we observed the same thing happening to many of our customers. For a lot of people, Pause is a sanctuary where they can leave all their stress and worries at the door. If there is a pressing problem that needs to be solved, you may even find the help you require between these four walls. A friend (or at least a smiling face) is basically a guarantee, which can go a long way in this crazy world, trust me. Sometimes the energy is just right and something in your soul calls you to stay. Just stay. Everything else on the outside can wait. Whether you find solace in a cup of tea or the oxygen bar, the cozy living room or the delicious vegan snacks, there is something here for everyone.

If you’re on the fence about trying us out or you’re already a diehard regular, something is pulling us all here, together. I’m still not sure what it is, but for now we will keep referring to it as ‘The Pause Effect’. Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon!

Peace, Love, and BULA!


P.S. I am currently experiencing the Pause Effect ;)


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