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Ideal for those seeking a convenient, gentler tasting kava experience, our micronized kava is a game-changer. Simply blend 1 teaspoon of our Pause...micronized kava into any non-alcoholic beverage of your choosing for a swift and delicious kava concoction.

With micronized kava, you have your instant kava solution without the hassle. Stripped of coarse fibers and free of any fillers, Pause...micronized kava guarantees superior quality and heightened effects.

It's the ultimate companion for those on the move, allowing you to enjoy kava anytime, anywhere, hassle-free.

Instant Kava (micronized)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Just stir into your favorite Beverage. 1 teaspoon (2.5 grs) per oz of liquid.

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