Our Services 131 Swinton offers a unique combination of health and wellness services in addition to our lounge and tea bar. There is something at Pause... for everyone! 

oxygen bar

Relax and restore with our brand new oxygen bar at 131 Swinton. Choose your aromatherapy blend and breathe...Some of the known benefits include:

  • Heightened concentration, alertness and memory

  • Promotes healing and counters aging

  • Strengthens your heart, reducing risk of heart attacks

  • Calms your mind and stabilizes your nervous system

  • Provides a natural remedy for headaches, migraines and hangovers

  • Improves digestion and cell metabolism

  • Relieves muscle stiffness, supports pre-athletic performance

  • Lessens chronic fatigue and gives you better sleep patterns

  • $1 per minute or 20 minutes for $18

  • Memberships available. 



We believe your yoga practice should be a relaxing, spiritual, and healing experience. This is more easily achieved through small class sizes. Maintaining a regular yoga practice has been proven to increase flexibility, improve athletic performance, and reduce stress in addition to many other physical and mental benefits.

Pause… at 131 Swinton offers intimate yoga classes with a knowledgeable instructor several times a week. Call today or refer to our schedule below to reserve your spot in our next class!


-$15 Drop-In 

-$70 5 Class Pass 

-$130 10 Class Pass

-$99 Unlimited Monthly Membership


MONDAY: 7pm Vinyasa

TUESDAY: 12:30pm Vinyasa

WEDNESDAY: 12:30 Vinyasa 

THURSDAY: 12:30 Vinyasa, 7pm Vinyasa

SUNDAY: 12:15-2pm AcroYoga, 7pm Candlelight Yin

spray tan


We currently offer two different types of organic spray tan, original and rapid. 


Original Organic Spray Tan: $35 

Rapid Organic Spray Tan: $50

Original Package of 3: $90

Rapid Package of 3: $135

Unlimited Monthly Spray Tan Membership: $99

our lounge


The Lounge at 131 Swinton is the perfect place to get work done, gather with friends, or simply just relax and enjoy one of our specialty drinks. Directly attached to our bar area, you will enjoy essential oil diffuser and eclectic decor making you feel very much at home. We are now happy to offer a small food menu with vegan options, "Lite Bites" for those who need a snack during their stay!

Reiki circles pleased to offer several Reiki Circles each month led by Angela. Angela is a certified Reiki Master-instructor, Master Crystal healer, animal Reiki practitioner, and IET(Integrated Energy Therapy) Master-Instructor. She was led into the field of Reiki and healing work after some life-changing events that opened led her into the practice of energy healing.  Now, she shares her gift to help others navigate life's challenges with peace and clarity.  She works with the nine Arch-Angels of healing, crystals, tuning forks, and channeled messages during her Reiki sessions.

Our lives are full of so many responsibilities each day that we often end up exhausted, frustrated and unclear what are priorities are anymore. We need a moment to relax, rejuvenate, and get re-energized. Angela uses Reiki, as well as oils and crystals to remove blockages in your energetic fields so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Each circle has a theme that is supported by the guided meditation as well as the chosen oils and crystals Lastly, she will share messages via her guides and tarot/oracle decks to provide assistance with any changes or decisions we may be experiencing in life.


You will feel AMAZING - we promise! Come join us for a beautiful evening!

Please call us to reserve your spot in our next Reiki Circle as space is limited! 


Wednesday, September 18th: 7-8:30pm ($20)

Friday, September 20th: 7-8:30pm ($20