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We believe your yoga practice should be a relaxing, spiritual, and healing experience. This is more easily achieved through small class sizes. Maintaining a regular yoga practice has been proven to increase flexibility, improve athletic performance, and reduce stress in addition to many other physical and mental benefits.

Pause… at 131 Swinton offers intimate yoga classes with a knowledgeable instructor several times a week. Call today or refer to our schedule below to reserve your spot in our next class!

Drop-In: $15

Packages and Memberships Available!

5 Class Package: $70

10 Class Package: $130

Unlimited Monthly Yoga Membership: $99/month

Introducing Life Recovery Mindful Yoga & Sharing:

Tuesday Nights 7-8:30pm/$5 Suggested Donation

Life Recovery Mindful Yoga and Sharing is a class that welcomes all! Everyone is recovering from something- anxiety, depression, alcohol, drugs, loss, ptsd. We’ve all got something. In a safe environment, it is here one can find the tools for recovery. 


The class is 45 minutes of a gentle flow yoga that anyone can do followed by time for an open share. Sometimes we pick a topic, share something you’d like to leave there, share where you are at, or just listen and sit in thoughtful meditation. It is a safe space-no cross talk, judgement, and who you see there, hear there stays there. 


Come join a community of diverse people to express open-hearted connection through movement and sharing authentic life experience in order to contribute to a more loving world.

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